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  1. Come to 8491 on smp4

    Diamonds are 40r each (only if u buy the full chest).
  2. ahhhhhh im in the wild on that server :(
  3. *Cough X-ray. Joking, of course :)

    Can you save me 9 stacks at 49r/diamond? Thank you :)
  4. XRAY!
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  5. Innocent until proven guilty.
  6. e sold them 2 minutes before i got there last night :( ran all the way back and there was nothing left
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  7. hey ill try and get u 9 stacks and no i didn't find these i bought them
  8. XRAY? What are you trying to point out? :confused:
  9. That's true. I was there when he bought most of them.
  10. I will buy all.
  11. i now have 6 stacks of diamonds for 45 each