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  1. We here at Orders Inc. supply bulk items/ blocks at a fair price. We offer sand, sandstone, glass, cobble, smooth stone, stone bricks, Logs (Any Kind), Saplings, Leave Blocks, Buckets of water and lava, cactus, sugar cane, wheat, melon, pumpkins, snow, and mob items. Specialty orders can be arranged.

    All block orders like sand or cobble, ect. Are a double or larger chest order.
    All orders of saplings or cactus, ect. Are 1 stack or larger order.
    All Prices are nonnegotiable, and give at least 1 week to process.

    P.m. Me to Order/ Talk Price

    Sample Order-
    Your Name( GTWGamer)-Item(Sand)-Amount(Double Chest)-Due Date(8/1/120 1 Week minimum)
    -Cost in Rupees

    Thanks For Your Time