[BUY AMOUNT] Buy your amount of slimes balls.

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  1. So im selling slimes balls,

    If you need a ceratain quantity thats really high PM me if not post it like this

    Date(optional): Please note that if you want it in a certain day you will pay the double of rupees!
    Rupees: (20x"x")
    Were: (smp 1-Utopia)
    Please note that we take 10 r shipment charge if it not on utopia
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  2. What's the price?
    Maybe I could order a few, just need the price first.
    I was thinking 4 stacks of 64 :)

    Maddy :)
  3. I will buy if 35r or lower per slime ball.
    Amount : around 2 stacks according to price.
    Date : Anytime, anywhere. ( well whenever your online and im online ) :p
  4. 20 rupees per slime ball:)
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  5. Edited for price and else
  6. okay heres the order :
    Amount : 3 stacks for 3,840r
    Date : Anytime that im online. :)
  7. Added something else please check it out lol
  8. Meh I can go on any server except smp5.
  9. Then come to Utopia plz
  10. AlexChance
    9 stacks.
    Let me know where/when I can pickup by quotinf this post, please. :)
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  11. Note,no more orders till further reply, i have a big order going on