Buy a fortune III diamond pickaxe with or without extra

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Would you sell me a enchanted diamond pick?

Yes 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Please post the Info about the price and stats. Thanks!
  2. diamond pickaxe super slightly used, fortune III efficiancy V ubreaking III for 29k
  3. i bought it for 36k and realised i didnt need it, and ther fore the cheap price
  4. ouch thats to expensive for my blood, sorry maybe we can work out a deal, start a conversation with me if you are still interested
  5. ok how about 26k?
  6. Im sorry I cant pay you that much either, try and come up with a deal. I hope we work this out
  7. i will pm you a worth while deal
  8. im sorry i have allredy sold it for 30k but when i get another one witch is in a fe days illn tell u =P
  9. If you still interested in buying one send me message here on the forums i have a fortune 3 unbreak 3 thats been used 2 times.
  10. okay how much would you sell it for?
  11. Are you talking about you selling or predict what he will get
  12. lol ill sell it to you for 11500(id ask 12k but its was used twice) or we can talk about rupees + items if you wish
  13. okay start a conversation with me we will work out a deal scarligmione