Buy 46 diamond ORE blocks!

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  1. MuugaMC offers you the most beautiful stuff - the 46 diamond ore!

    Price for 46 pieces is 4000 rupees.
    This means 1 diamond ore block is about 87 rupees. Too high? Compare it to 1783 on SMP1. It's cheap(ish)!
    If you have problems with anything, feel free to reply!
  2. Sorry for the title and other misplacing, you can pick them up on 817 from SMP1.
  3. Anything compared to 1783 is cheap.
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  4. :D yes it is.. Only, 1783 is always stock (unless I mass-buy coal).. That's why I use it.
  5. So you wana buy it?
  6. I'll buy them :)
  7. awww.... one minutw short :(
  8. I've set up a chest shop on smp1 res 2417 for you to sell them to me. I won't be on for about six hours so that will be the best way for me to make the exchange :)
  9. If they have not been sold - or if there are more - I will buy them.
  10. HerBrin, we may call it an auction and start bidding the price. Are you willing to pay more than 4K? Anyone?
  11. When not they are going to nab27. And also check out my enchanted picks auctions. I have 2x unbreaking II!
  12. I give you 30 minutes
  14. Please tell me another store on smp1 that is both fairly priced and in stock :)
  15. If anyone will complain on 1783 then **** them! PTHagaard buys ALL your items for a good price, it is always in stock and the prices are fair compared to the effort they are putting in for keeping everything in stock. If you have money under 3K, you should really think about selling your stuff to 1783 and getting rich. I got rich thanks to 1783 and I can buy anyhing anytime from 1783. Hail Patrick! Hail him! I have 60K with 64 days!
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