Butters Hotel: SMP6 12142

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  1. Welcome to the official thread for the Butters Hotel: Where SMP6 meets Luxury.
    My hotel is located on SMP6 res 12142. I personally either purchased or mined every item that went into my hotel. I also built it all by myself. There are other hotels on SMP6, but no others compare to the Luxury of the Butters Hotel.

    Here is a list of a the amenities I offer:
    -Elevator Access from lobby to all rooms
    -Penthouse Suites have own elevator
    -Free enchanting table in lobby
    -Each suite comes with ample storage
    -Each suite has a bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom.
    -There is a store on the second floor
    -Lots more, check it out to find out!

    I have also finalized my price list based on what I believe is fair. Here they are:

    Executive Suite:
    The smallest of the three available units. The Executive suite offers a affordable space that does nothing to compromise the luxury expected from Butters Hotel.

    100r/week to Rent

    Luxury Suite:
    The mid-sized suite with nothing mid sized about it. These suites come with spectacular views, a large living area and large bed. A dedicated Storage room is also included.

    300r/week to rent
    2000r/ perm

    Penthouse Suite
    With its own elevator access and two floors of living space, the Penthouse suite is the definition of luxury. A large Kitchen, bedroom with working fireplace, living room with vaulted ceilings and an outdoor patio with spectacular views, the Penthouse Suite is the most desired suite at Butters Hotel.

    6000r/ perm (only available to purchase)

    Kings Suite
    There can only be one king. The Kings Suite sits on top of the Butters Hotel. Currently occupied by myself, Its roof touches the clouds. Breathtaking views will not disappoint. Includes everything the Penthouse suite does except on a kings scale.

    This suite is currently occupied by myself. It is not for sale/rent "officially" but i will always take offers on it!

    If you are interested in renting any rooms, please message me either here on the forums or in game. I also appreciate any feedback! Good or bad! It helps me become a better builder!

    Thanks everyone,


  2. Very nice I will come by sometime.
  3. Nice creation :)
  4. Great news for anyone interested in purchasing a room at the Butters Hotel. I currently have 4 executive suites and 2 luxury suites still available. I have decided that my hotel chain needs to expand, but before I build my second hotel on SMP6, i need to sell these last 6 rooms. So for the next 48 hours, I will be offering them for 50% off. All you have to do is message me on the forums what room you want.

    If you are not sure what room is for you, have a look at the Butters Hotel, 12142!