But the thing is....

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  1. But the thing is... will EMC have it own texture pack?
  2. I doubt there will be an official one any time soon, but if somebody wanted to make one, I'm sure nobody would object. What would be so special about it, though? What about the texture pack would make it an EMC texture pack, you know what I mean?
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  3. Well, we know all the cows would wear suits and carry TNT...
  4. lol nice
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  5. Make the zombie and zombie pigman the skins of the admins! :)
  6. In the next patch there will be server-sided texturepack. So if Justin make a texturepack for the server there WILL be one :)
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  7. Yup, there is!
  8. a
    And why do u think i made this post? Lol
  9. I'm 90% sure that there will be a texturepack. All plugins is custom made, so making a texturepack won't be that hard, or maybe he will make a contest about it, who knows =P

    Ps. You can suggest the contest about texturepack if you want :O
  10. Wanna be a Judge?
  11. Wanna be a Judge of a texture pack contest?
  12. I think yes, but can you say some programs to edit it?
  13. The texture pack? Use photoshop :)
  14. I don't got photoshop... I got Gimp and Paint... Is that good?
  15. It is a cool idea but ive tryed to make a texture pack if we started to make it now or tomorow we would finish after 3 weeks or even 2 months! I can help because i have gon 2 years in the Art school so you know and everyone else xD
  16. You can use Gimp i think :)
  17. Paint is good enough since texture packs are blocky anyway.
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  18. Well the contest has started. Go ahead, do a texture pack!
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  19. Can someone help me with some help on Gimp?