[Business] Wild Bird Mall!

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  1. Hello,

    I have very recently been working on a mall. It is located on smp3 at /v 6442.

    It is not set up yet but, we plan to have 2 floors.
    Floor One containing:
    - A Café
    - Teleports to different sections
    - More To Be Added

    Floor Two containing:
    - Different Shop Sections:
    * End Items
    * Ores, Ingots, Gems
    * Stone, Stone Bricks, Cobble, etc
    * Food
    * Utilities
    * Wood
    * Tools
    * Armor
    * Mob Drops
    * Decor Heads
    - More to be added

    My Shops Will for the most part be buy and sell :)
    And I plan to have fair prices :)

    You may be wondering why call it Wild Bird?
    Well you see, me and one of my best friend WildHorse1989 decided we want to do a mall together. So it began, we started working on a mall for smp3!

    (My other best friend,
    Thatsillyjohnkid was ever so kind to donate blocks towards the building our mall)

    I will keep you all updated on the progress. Donations are greatly appreciated!

    We currently need:
    Purpur Blocks
    EndStone Bricks
    Or ruppes


    Crazy_TJ - Beacon
    Thatsillyjohnkid - LOTS of Purpur blocks
    Deltic66 - TWO DCS OF SIGNS!!!!!!!! :O
    BearJedi - 1k rupees
  2. Wow, cool! I'll find some time to donate to ya'll =)
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  3. Good to see a new smp3 mall... Good luck
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  4. Bump
    Donators added,
    Thanks TJ for the Beacon!
  5. Bump shops are set up, we are working on pricing and stocking!
  6. Thanks deltic66 for 2 DC's of signs!!!!
  7. I donated 1k...