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  1. After 2-3 months of Building, Stocking, Pricing, and being Lazy, Walrus Farm and Gardens, the source for many things having to do with plants and farming, has opened.

    The Shop is located at /v 17531, or, the easier to remember /v +garden, on smp8

    Upon going to the res, you are greeted with The Nursery

    Here, you can find Seeds of all kinds, Crops, Flowerpots, Bonemeal, as well as all 1 block tall flowers, ferns, dead bushes, and cacti

    To the left of the Nursery, you can find various blocks, mainly those used in landscaping, Coarse Dirt, Dirt, Podzol, Mycelium, Sand, and Gravel is all found here.

    To the right of the Nursery is The Pond, where you can buy Lily Pads and Sugar Cane, as well as Tall Grass directly across from the pond.

    At the back of the residence is the Livestock section

    Spawn Eggs of cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and rabbits can all be found here.

    Past the pond, you can find Leaves of all kinds, as well as vines, along the path.

    At the end of this path, you can find the toolshed, selling Diamond Axes, Diamond Shovels, Diamond Hoes, Shears, Buckets, Leads, and Flint and Steel.
    Diamond Axes and Shovels, as well as Shears, all enchanted with Efficiency 5 and Unbreaking 3, can be found here as well.
    To the side of the toolshed, you can find saplings of all types, as well as Cocoa Beans.

    At the Northwest corner of the shop, up the path from the Toolshed, you can find an area where Mushrooms and Double High flowers are sold

    Near the mushrooms, you'll find an upright log with a button on it. This takes you down to the Other Dimensions section, where one may find otherworldly items from the Nether and End, Chorus Flowers, Endstone, Soul Sand, and Nether Wart.
    To exit this area, simply press the button on the wall behind you.

    If you have trouble finding something, press the button on the front of the Nursery, this takes you to the Teleport hub, where you can teleport to different areas of the shop. Behind where you spawn is the Odds and Ends shop, where you may find items that don't really fit into the shop thematically. The items in this shop will occasionally change, and the items here wont be restocked. Check the Spoiler at the bottom of the thread for the current items in the Odds and Ends shop

    Welp, that's everything, folks, happy shopping!

    Anvil: 1 for 115r
    End Rod: 4 for 44r
    Gray Wool: 8 for 20r
    Birch Log: 16 for 32r

  2. Love it! Can't wait to check it out sometime:)
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  5. Looks awesome, Nice job!