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  1. After 6 months of laziness...
    Its Finally Complete...

    And i Haven't Even Gotten the 1.9 Item Shop Done :p

    Hey There!

    Anyway, As you can probably tell i'm Opening a Mall!
    The Mall is located at /v +bugle or /v +hawk on Smp6.
    I've tried to price my items in the lower end of the market
    and keep selling prices around the same
    I've also stocked most things...
    Things I'm selling:
    Clay (/v +Bugle Clay)
    Stained Glass (/v +Bugle Glass)
    Wool (/v +Bugle Wool)
    Dyes (/v +Bug;e Dyes)
    Basic Foods (/v +Bugle Foods)
    A few Enchants (/v +Bugle Enchants)
    Ores and Gems (/v +Bugle Ores)
    Prismarine Items (/v +Bugle Temple)
    Wood Items (/v +Bugle Wood)
    Beacons (/v +Bugle or /v +Hawk)
    Promos (PM Me)
    Iron Gear (/v +Bugle Gear)
    And More!

    Anything Seem to high or too low?
    Just PM me on forums/ingame to let me know :)

    I've Also got a few more Pictures too :p

    What do you Think?

  2. As in, the instrument?
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  3. i didn't know the bugle was an instrument :p
    The food is what i mean :)
  4. Morning Bump