[BUSINESS] Unofficial Grand Opening of 'Take A Sip, Make A Splash'

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  1. Hey guys,

    So as some have seen or heard or visited or whatever other means of communication, I have been working on a potion store on smp9. Now, I have changed the design of it recently (so don't rely of the picture of my signature - I'll be getting that changed soon) and have decided that, well, potions are needed and I don't like the high prices that are set in malls and in other places (Note to all - If I find a high amount of potions being brought from my shops and I find you profiting from it by selling to malls you will have all rights removed from my land (all of them, even my other reses)).

    So, what is this all about? Well, since I love potions, I have now turned 19154 on smp9 (to get there either do one of the following: /v jknrlz - /v 19154 - /v +sip&splash) into my potion shop. This is where I will be selling potions for around 30 a pop at the most EVER. But, my prices are low @ no more than 20r at the time of this post. (Hurray!)

    Prices vary depending on the potions (naturally) and I will do my best to keep the chests full. Now I do have 1 rule to ask of all users. Please do not buy out all the chests!!! If you use it and it runs out fair enough. But please don't go around buying Single Chests of my potions from the shop signs, instead, send me a PM with the order form (listed below). Cheers! :)

    PM Order Form

    IGN: (used for access signs and distribution)
    Type of Potion: (please specify in the following format: type (eg. regen) - version (eg. normal, extended, extended splash, normal lvl2, splash lvl2)).
    Amount: (I sell in the following formats. Single Chest or Double Chest (you may order things such as 3 single chests or 5 double chests etc.)
    Total: (I will add this up for you as it changes upon availability and the store prices).

    My current inventory of potions is as follows*:

    - Fire Resistance
    Normal: 10r
    Extended: 15r
    Extended Splash: 20r
    Normal Lvl 2: Not Available in game
    Splash Lvl 2: Not Available in game
    - Strength
    Normal: 5r
    Extended Splash: 15r
    Normal Lvl 2: 10r
    Splash Lvl 2: 15r
    - Regeneration:
    Normal: 10r
    Extended: 15r
    Extended Splash: 20r
    Normal Lvl 2: 15r
    Splash Lvl 2: 20r

    *Note: These are the prices per one potion in my store. SC or DC orders are calculated by me and have their own prices.

    As prices change, stock changes or other relevant information comes about I will update this thread.

    Any complaints, errors, or questions are to be PMed to me (use signature link down below). If they are deemed constant questions or feel as those they are needed they will be posted here for all to see. Posting questions/complaints etc on this thread will result on them not being resolved and i will have a mod remove them.

    That is all for now guys. I will be creating a new post once the official opening comes around!

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  2. Bump. Current stock updated with prices and Type.
  3. Community Opinion: What sort of package would you like?

    So I've been thinking about 'packages' lately. You know, since people are PvPing and all and with the Mods Mob Arena Events.

    So the question is: What sort of package would you guys want? (there are no set answers, I want your opinion, but please have atleast 2 of the following characteristics)

    Characteristics to consider:
    - Size: SC, DC, 3, 6, 9 etc.
    - Types: Regeneration, Healing, Damage etc.
    - Type versions: Extended, Extended Splash, Lvl 2 etc.
    - How to go about buying (I'm thinking it would have to be a PM order at the moment, or maybe vouchers?)

    Look forward to your feedback.
  4. Any chance of you selling potion brewing supplies? Pufferfish are very hard to find at shops and fishing is wicked boring.
  5. Question:

    I might be able to. I'm currently working on collecting a decent amount of puffer fish/stock so I will have to see how that goes. I'll get back to you ASAP on that.
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  6. At the time of this post/comment. I am unable to supply puffer fish as a material/ingredient, however, I will be setting up a Materials Room later on today to sell the current materials that I have. If I can manage to get a decent stock of puffer fish up I will add them to the Materials Room and update this thread.

    On another note. Orders 2.0!
    You can now order potions that are not listed in the stock/inventory spoiler. Prices will be higher as I do not have the ingredients at hand and have to collect them manually ASAP.
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  7. I wont be restocking anything for a bit. my PC is dead and needs to be sent away for repairs.