[Business] "Under the Earth Casino v3"(TM)

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  1. Hello,

    I'm Xycan and I am the proud owner of the "Under the Earth Casino v3"(TM). Right now I am still rebuilding the casino but we have three automatic slot machines up and running. I put in a diamond and you have a chance on ether doubling, tripling, or quadrupling one diamond. Don't worry these machines have been approved and the sign that was placed by the mod in at the end of the rules.

    Please come by and visit at /v 6644 casino. Have Fun :)

    New Games will be coming soon.
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  2. Awesome! ^ . ^
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  3. Bump Bu Bu Bump

  4. Cool, ill check it out
  5. I'll probably change the odds of the first Slot machine to 44% for a x2 multiplier.
  6. 33% is to hard for a x2 multiplier
  7. bumb right into a car now my insurance has gone up
  8. Bump Fixed the first slot no longer 33% x2 multiplier now a 44% x2 multiplier

    Now you have a better chance to get diamonds
  9. Just a small fyi, If you modify a casino game, you have to get it re-approved...
  10. ok thanks for the heads up
  11. Ok everything is reapproved. And I have a new machine. It is called the AutoSpinner(TM). If you want to play drop on smp3 at /v 6644 casino
  12. Small fyi, you cant really use a Trade Mark as they have to be a specific Font, and style as well as costs up to 100,000 per year... (I know as i tried for my Company i own in real life) :p
  13. In game Trade Mark costs nothing. So the names of my games in the game are Trade Marked.
  14. I will be moving all discussions of the casino onto my user blog. If you want update info on the casino please follow me there.
  15. I will make sure to check it out!
  16. The Casino will be updated next weekend with a new game.
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  17. Sadly there is a change in plans. Due to single player testing world being deleted. I can not and a new game. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Business has been slow but I'll add a new machine soon. Probably over Christmas Break.