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  1. Hello, fellow Empire Minecrafters! Welcome to Trapper777’s Skin Service. Here you can buy quality skins, have a skin shaded, or have your existing skin edited. I offer a range of services that I will outline below.

    Custom Skins: All skins made from scratch by me. All skins custom shaded unless you specify no shading. Free editing for the first two weeks.

    Basic Custom Skin:
    All “people” skins fall under this category. Just post the following information in this thread. Includes two FREE accessories. 1000r.

    Gender: Male/Female
    Skin tone: E.g. tan, colored, pale.
    Hairstyle/Color: Long/short, Brown/Blonde Etc.
    Clothing: Keep it simple. E.g. jeans & red shirt, black suit.
    Eye Color: Green, Brown, Blue etc.
    Facial Features: Smiling? Old? Young?
    Two Accessories: Sunglasses, hat, etc.

    Deluxe Custom Skin:
    All ”Non-People” Skins fall under this category. Just post the following info in this thread. Will NOT do any copyrighted/ formerly copyrighted characters (with the exception of those from Minecraft) for example Batman. Includes five FREE accessories. 1800r.

    Basic Description: Eg “An Enderman in a suit.”
    Details: Eg “I want the enderman to be pink and the suit to be brown with a big star in the middle.”
    Five Accessories: Sunglasses, hat, belt, necklace, etc.

    Need a skin with a custom resolution for your Resource Pack? Or a bunch of various Ninja skins for you and your friends? PM me with any custom requests. Pricing will be vary.

    Shading: Get your current skin shaded. Shading adds a sense of realism and depth to any skin, and can make the most basic skin look like art. The skin doesn’t have to be made by me.

    Basic Shading:
    Have me shade your skin with my custom shading template. Just post your skin below and specify Basic Shading. 250r.

    Custom Shading:
    Lovingly hand-shaded by me, guaranteed that I personally colored every pixel. Simply post your skin in the Thread below and specify custom shading. 750r
    Editing: Want your current skin tweaked a bit? PM me with the skin and what you want changed. Pricing will vary.

    Thanks to mba2012 & purplerillo for letting me use some of the work I did for him!


    • Add another accessory to Basic/Deluxe custom skins: 50r

    • PM me instead of posting in thread (for privacy, excluding Editing & Special) 100r.

    • Copy of skin w/ Santa Hat/Other seasonal variation: FREE FOREVER!!!

    1. I own the skin until I receive the agreed-upon payment.

    2. I retain the right to use the skin as a future example of my work.

    3. I have the right to refuse offers.

    1. You can get any skin made by me edited free the first two weeks of purchase.

    2. All content is as described.

    3. I will never use a previously made skin or a skin put on the internet, all Custom skins and shader templates are made 100% by me.

    A note on 1.8 skins
    Once 1.8 comes out, all skins I make will be in the new format. once it comes out I will also give free conversions to whoever asks. Until then if you want your skin to be 1.8-Compatible, I would recommend this website
  2. I'd like to have a few examples of skins you've made before I order anything.
  3. I have just added a "Sample Pieces" section. :)