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  1. The Harvest Market
    Lekairu & Taesho
    /v 13769 (smp6)

    Welcome to the Harvest Market thread!

    story time
    The Harvest Market idea began with a pair in love.. with Harvest Moon. The two loved the games so much that they began looking for a new server to create the market dream. Once they decided EMC was the one for them, they joined and created a partnership in not only business, but marriage! ♥
    Now the two live happily ever after in running the Harvest Market - the business of their dreams. ☺

    The Harvest Market can be found on the EMC smp6 address 13769 or /v Lekairu.
    There are two residences holding the market together.
    There the Harvest Market itself at /v Lekairu's residence..
    and there's the farm at /v Taesho's residence.
    The brick home holding up the market has three floors.
    The main floor is the market's only floor, the second floor is the owners' bedroom and the basement is our inventory space, holding our workshop and enchantment room.

    our services
    our services change every week or so! these include:
    enchantment ( we provide levels, you provide gems. sorry ;-; )
    ordering ( put it in a book and throw it in our hopper - not a donation bin- and we'll read it as soon as possible. put in your IGN, the item and quantity needed. )
    more will be added at a later time - give us ideas here in the thread!

    this thread is for people who would like to request our services or just for chatting! just no spamming or it only being talk, please. ♥
    thanks for reading!
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