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  1. Herlew there fellows!
    Today, 'The Golden Shop' has been founded at your local Smp5 residence 10002!

    We sell gold ingots and gold blocks at competitive rates!
    Be sure to come along and take a look! Our levels of stock vary from day to day but we do restock often so be sure to come and take it all before it goes!
    Our prices range from 9 to 11 Rupees per ingot and you can even buy in bulk! Gold blocks also now for sale at 10 rupees per ingot, again, bulk buying is there ;)
    We are located by spawn on Smp5 at 10002!
    So be sure to check us out today!

    Get all your gold, before it is all sold! ~FD
  2. Ah so this is what you were talking about...
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  3. Golden farm, hue hue hue :]
  5. Will stop by, got a dc of carrots that need some golden plates ;)
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  6. Currently out of stock. The gold went really quick :eek: More gold to come later ;)
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  7. Jc, ur ruining the gold economy >.> ... get out.
  8. I'll stop by at some point ;)
    Chick's got iron, FD has gold, it's all fun and games till emc explodes from sales
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  9. Shall I get Emeralds or Diamonds?
  10. You do diamonds, I have dibs on emeralds :]
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  11. *facepalm*
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  12. This works
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  13. Everyone seems to have dibs on the emeralds.. I just came out of doing 2 DCs of emeralds with MoeMacZap, doing gold with Jcplugs while on a break now ;)
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  14. Mehhh. I'll just have dibs on everything then :cool:
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  15. Please kill diamonds :rolleyes:
  16. Whoever kills diamonds let me know lol. Dibs on beacons though..
  17. Pretty sure qwerty189 already has that done :p
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  18. He sells beacons..? Pretty sure he just hoards.
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  19. Well yeah probably :p
  20. I've got a decent start :p

    Anyway, end of off topic talk :p