[BUSINESS] The Empire Bugsy Building

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  1. First Update on The Empire Bugsy Building:
    Now Buys and Sells Christmas Promos and Mob Dropped Promos. (Blizz Ard Coming Soon)
    Finished Half of First Floor.
    Open to buisness'

    2nd Update Coming Soon!
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  2. Current Floors:
    1st Floor- Christmas and Mob Dropped Promos
  3. Big mentionable Sales:
  4. y... yayyyyyy :D
  5. Wait why did you even make this thread? :rolleyes:
  6. Idk... to reserve the name :/
  7. Tell me if you need any help making it. I'd love to help. ;)
  8. Well I need like 50 stacks of iron blocks :/
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  9. 1st Update to the Bugsy Building!