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  1. Hello EMC!

    We've just opened a new mall on SMP 8 (TCB Mall). We sell many different items such as, but not limited to:

    - Customized/Special Order Banners
    - Maxed-out Enchanted Books, Weapons & Tools
    - Many different building blocks including all Wood types, Quartz, Stained Clay, Sandstone etc.
    - Nether items such as Blaze Rods, Glowstone, Soul Sand etc.
    - Buckets of Lava and Water
    - Mob Heads
    - Outdoor/nature items such as Flowers, Mushrooms, Sugar Canes, Vines/Leaves etc.
    - Coal and Gold (Gold coming soon)
    - Mob drops such as Rabbit's Foot, Ender Pearls, Leather etc.
    - Ice (both regular Ice and Packed)
    - Saddles, Leads and other animal/farm related items
    - Spawn Eggs
    - Special items such as Ender Chests, Enchantment Tables, Anvils etc.

    ...and more!

    So come check it out the next time you are in quick need of supplies! /v +tcb on SMP 8

    - MrKlink, MistyLou and L4ndShark
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  2. Check us out first. Others buy from us to stock their shops and then charge more. Save rupees and buy from us direct.
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