[Business] Swamp Shop Now Open!

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  1. Welcome to the Swamp Shop at 727 on smp1!
    The shop is run by
    Co-Owners: Dektirok, Eviltoade, OmarWrongchat

    We sell the following:
    [Item] - {#Items}:{#Rupees}
    • [Enchanted Book Prices]
    • Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes
      • Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Mending
      • Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Mending
    • Carrots - 64:20
    • Potatoes - 64:20
    • Pumpkins - 64:8
    • Wheat - 64:5
    • Gunpowder - 32:64
    • XP Bottles - 32:640
    • Spider Eyes - 8:3
    • Slime Balls - 4:28
    • Glowstone - 32:480
    • Emerald Blocks - 1:162, 32:5184
    • Iron Ingots - 64:192
    • Dark Prismarine - 4:150
    • Prismarine - 4:12
    • Prismarine Brick - 4:68
    • Sea Lantern - 4:80
    • Raw Fish - 32:1
    • Gold Blocks - Coming Soon
    Come to the action on smp1 by the tags: +swamp, +shop, +eviltoade, +omar, +dektirok, and +awesomeness!

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  2. So is Eviltoade like your "Celebrity Figure" to bring in more buyers? Cause these aren't just any carrots, these are Eviltoade carrots!

    Also, I will be using the +awesomeness tag because, not only is it the longest tag available, it shows the coolness of the owners.
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  3. Hope to see you all there soon! Prices (which may fluctuate) are market average or slightly below. :)
  4. Looks good i will check it out!
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  5. Bump! Should we add enchanted books? Let us know here on [this] poll!
  6. Enchanted books added!! We've restocked the suspected popular ones. However, this part of the shop is not completely stocked YET! We will be restocking ASAP. (The link to spreadsheet with enchanted book prices is now in the OP)
  7. Bump! Enchanted books are FULLY stocked!! Come get your cheap enchanted books now!
  8. Bump! A few items added! (Little challenge: can you spot which ones were added?)
  9. Bump! Sea stuff has been added! Will add prices on OP asap.

    EDIT: Prices added in OP.
  10. Does this shop purchase as well?
  11. Nope. Sorry!

    Bump-ish (sorry for forgetting to bump for a while, am still on vacation)