[Business] Sugar Cane/Paper

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  1. Hi, I am looking to start a sugar cane business. I need some workers so PM me with this format of a application:

    Title: Application

    How often are you on?:
    Price you would like to be payed and per what:?
    Are you committed:?

    Order formats are as follows:
    Time needed by:
    Any other info:

    Sugar Cane:
    DC:600r(Best deal)
    (maximum per order is 5 DC's)

    DC:1,750r(best deal)
    (Maximum per order 5DC's)

    As of right now I am the only person doing this work so it will take time for orders.
    Business hours are as follows:
    Monday-Friday: 10am-5PM
    Saturday: 11am-6PM
    Sunday: off as it is a religious day. NOTE: ONCE I GET ENOUGH WORKERS I AM GOING TO BE DOING EMERALDS IN BULK!