[Business] Sphere Building Service

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  1. Hello there EmpireMinecrafters.
    I am opening this service, because i love building spheres, so why not do it for money, :)?

    500 rupees each diameter the sphere is.
    As an example a 32diameter sphere would cost 16,000Rupees.

    You are gonna supply me with whatever material i need to use for your sphere, i can also supply, but that's gonna cost you extra.

    How to
    To arrange a build, please PM me with details about you building, where, size etc.

    17sphere.jpg mc3.jpg minecraft___sphere_by_dreamingsoul99-d4zzu4x.png

    That's all, thank you from Faith Incorporated, have a nice day.
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  2. Do you have any pictures? :)
  3. Added to the OP.
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