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  1. This is the official EMC Spartan Inc. thread. Spartan Inc. is run by myself and KillaSpartan5. The Spartan Inc. mega mall is at 16667, smp8.

    What is the main objective of Spartan Inc?
    Well I would say to help out new players around the empire minecraft servers. We try to help them with things like commands, or even helping them get out of the wild. We will do our best, but it is impossible to help everyone. (This is Non-Profit)

    What else does Spartan Inc do?
    Spartan Inc does more than just help new players. Spartan Inc has a supply company and hosts events every once and a while. Spartan Inc also owns a megamall, but its currently down for remodeling.

    Who is in Spartan Inc?
    The Members of Spartan Inc Include the Following:

    • Err0r_408
    • ruari342
    • Jay25000
    • 170111
    • KWalld3
    • BTHarrold98
    • _RedSpectre_
    As of May 16, 2014
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  2. I Cant See The Applications Anymore
  3. What he said. And why is your name backwords?
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  5. IJUSTATEPIE sent in an application