[Business] Shadowblade Mining Co.

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  1. Yes, I have decided to reopen Creeper's Mining Co. I have gotten my friend, MinecraftMDR, to help me out on our mining trips too, which means getting orders done faster. Anyways, I'm going to make some changes to Creeper Mining Co such as the name, which we changed to Shadowblade Mining Co. If you need any info, PM creeper3845 on the website. Anyways, here is the items up for ordering:

    Smoothstone=1r each, maximum is 5 Stacks
    Cobblestone=1r each, maximum is 10 stacks
    Sandstone=COMING SOON!
    Coal= .75r each, maximum is 8 stacks
    Iron= 3r each, maximum is 3 stacks
    Lapis Lazulli=5r each , maximum is 3 stacks

    Redstone= 4r each, maximum is 4 stacks
    Gold= 10r each, maximum is 1 stack
    Diamond= 48r each, maximum is 30 diamonds givin diamonds a rest for a bit :p

    Emerald=COMING SOON!

    You fill out a form like this:

    Total amount of rupees:
    Where to drop off:

    Sample here:

    IGN: creeper3845
    Item: Redstone (Preciousss)
    Amount: 4 Stacks
    Total amount of rupees: 1,024

    Where to drop off: Pickup

    Note: We may be a little fed up with orders, and we will most likely not shut down again, but more orders means more waiting time. PICKUP IS AT 19042 ON SMP9! You cannot order more than 1DC of minerals/blocks.

    Happy Holidays!
  2. IGN: Luckygreenbird
    Item: Diamond
    Amount: 30
    Total amount of rupees: 1440r
    Where to drop off: pickup
  3. Chest with your name on it is at 19042.
  4. item: Diamonds
    Amount: 30
    Total amount of rupees: 1440r
    pick up or Drop off: Pick up
  5. Chest with your name on it has been set up at 19042!
  6. 30 diamonds please, I'll pickup. I'm on my phone so it would be a pain to use the form :/
  7. Understood, chest with your name on it has been set up at 19042
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  8. paid