[BUSINESS] Sean's Mega Blocks!

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  1. Well I'm back with this business! It was a TOTAL failure last time so I'm hoping it may work this time! Basically what this business does is allow you to purchase any block, and I will re-build for a small cost wherever you want! I not only do Blocks but I also do Player Statues and Player Heads! Now you may be thinking this is stupid, and maybe it is, but I need a business, and some people need these things built. On 1566 I have an example of a DC and a statue of me! Underneath are the prices!

    This will cost 10k and Materials/Money for Materials.
    This is 16x16x16 and Hollow

    This will cost 15k and Materials/Money for Materials.
    There is not an exact size for this, there is one on 1566 you can see!

    This will cost 5k and Materials/Money for Materials.
    This is 8x8x8 and Hollow

    There is no set price for these but there isn't a set type either. One example is a block but twice the size! Go ahead and message me for these items and we can negotiate a price!

    Now for the order Form! What you can do is message me on the FORUMS! NOT IN GAME! Message me and follow this layout

    Category You'd Like
    Block Type/Username
    Whether You Want To Provide Items or Money For Materials

    If you think anything needs to be changed, tell me below! I hope to do business with many of you soon!

  2. Good luck with your business! I might look forward to this soon :)
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  3. Do you need advertising? If you do I have a thread Zikko's NewsPaper
  4. How much would it cost?
  5. Would you like the advert in only one series or 10 or forever?
  6. It's completely up to you! Thanks man!
  7. Send me a private pm
  8. Im going to send you a PM about the heads that I need... I don't want anyone to copy me :p
  9. What are blocks of I may ask? Have some images?
  10. Player Statue of my current skin
    Wool/Hardened Clay...IAmShyguyNow
    I will provide the money. I have plenty of money for it

    NOTE: I would like this on my first res, behind my house, and I will get to destroying some of the islands up there in yonder :p
  11. 1566 to see some of my work. It's not a lot but I haven't done much with it yet.
  12. Ok, will get to work on pixel coloration and designing here shortly! The Multiplayer Session Servers are currently down so I can not log in though.
  13. Cool business you got up and running maybe ill get a statue of me sometime :D
  14. He said to just check his res for the statue example, he didn't mention others, however I'm sure he would have if he had examples to show.
  15. Yah I have a chest and a statue. Not too amazing but will be pretty cool.