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    Welcome, EMC! I would like to introduce you to the Redstone Bros! Our primary focuses are in redstone and horse breeding! Before I explain the minute details of this business, I wish to share some words from our executives...

    Have you ever found yourself spending countless hours on a redstone project? Have you ever felt so burdened that you don't even have the time to setup a simple lighting system? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, then you are in luck!!

    Not only is res #1183 on smp1 (more formally known as The Little Redstone Shop) a small redstone shop, it is also a place where you can ask for any redstone favor*! Simply shoot me (fireshadow52) a PM on the site or contact me in-game to make your request. The price of the job will vary, depending on the complexity of the request and the time/materials needed to complete it. I am no longer hiring workers at this point.

    In addition, The Little Redstone shop also features an auditorium, in which any player may demonstrate their redstone abilities for a cheap price! The dimensions of the area you have to work with are 14 X 14, though if you need a larger area, 100r will be added onto your price.Again, simply contact me to arrange a showing time.

    But wait…that's not all. A stone's throw away, at res #1075 (also on smp1), is Redstone Bros. Horse Breeding Service!This is currently a WIP, and this portion of the post will be updated accordingly.

    Thanks, and happy redstoning!

    -fireshadow52, Hash98

    *I am currently not accepting redstone requests! This note is subject to change. You can also see whether I am accepting requests by looking at the floor lights at res #1183; If they are on, then I am accepting requests.
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  2. Looking forward to opening our pawn shop!
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  3. Attention: Today at approximately 8:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a redstone class! Specifically, I will be explaining logic gates and why they are so incredibly useful. Want to attend? Simply purchase a ticket for 30r** at the auditorium doors on res #1183 on smp1. See you there!
  4. Price bumped up to 30r. Ten minutes until the class begins!
  5. First class went smoothly for the most part! I'll probably host another next weekend!
  6. This looks cool :p
  7. So... Redstone Bro's are not doing redstone? Did i hear that right?
  8. Are you referring to the fact that we're not currently accepting requests?
  9. yes
  10. My guess is they already have projects they are doing.
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  11. Do you want something done?

    That and school; I can't be available all the time. ;)
  12. Yes, a big one would would be a compact calculator......
  13. I would like to join the team?
  14. I have yet to determine whether I will be hiring "workers", per se. There are many logistical/financial issues that need resolving, which I am currently working on now. Stay tuned for more updates, as I'll probably update the main post once I've figured out everything.
  15. Just To Let you Know, I'm the Smp 9 Redstone guy
  16. Are you hiring? If so I would like to apply because I'm good at redstone and I would like to show the world of redstone. This will save a lot of money for players and I would like to work for free. I am interested taking training to teach other emc players. I will be active in the morning of PST(11:00-2:00 EST). I have been experienced with redstone and would love to show you my work. I learned redstone by playing with it. I encourage everyone to play with redstone before coming to this class. You never know if you will have some knowledge by playing with them.
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  17. Thanks for the "application", even though I still haven't had time to thoroughly excogitate ideas. :p I will be hiring soon, though I haven't set up an appropriate salary, so for the moment no one is hired. However, I most likely will create some sort of form if people express interest. I have a passion for redstone, and I've essentially learned by messing around.
  18. Salary: -10k/month (Good for me)
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