[BUSINESS] Premium Supply Company

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  1. Premium Supply Company

    PSC is a new supply company based on SMP4. We aim to meet your building needs. We can deliver (20r vault charge for cross server trips per trip so 5 DC's will cost a extra 100r) or you can pick up from my res 8275. When placing a order please use the "Post Reply" on this thread. When I have completed your order I will reply to you so please make sure you look back. Any order that has been completed and no payment has been received over 1 week will be cancelled. If you will be away and cannot make a payment within this time please let me know and arrangements can be made to place your order in storage.

    Orders will be delivered/available to collect when full payment has been received.

    Single Chests
    Double Chests

    Stone Items

    Stone Brick:30r=810r=1620r
    Stone Slabs:20r=540r=1080r
    Stone Brick Slabs:30r=810r=1620r
    Cobblestone Slabs:20r=540r=1080r
    Cobblestone Stairs:70r=1890r=3780r
    Stone Brick Stairs:70r=1890r=3780r
    Cobblestone Wall:20r=540r=1080r

    Wood Items

    Oak Wood Planks:22r=594r=1188r
    Oak Wooden Stairs:68r=1836r=3672r
    Oak Wooed Slabs:28r=756r=1512r
    Sticks: 13r=351r=702r
    Wooden Fence:28r=756r=1512r
    Wooden Gates:28r=756r=1512r

    Order form
    In game name:
    Deliver or Pick-up:
    SMP and Res:
  2. Why are stone slabs the same price as stone?
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  3. changing things up dude. I made some errors.
  4. Change in some Prices and new layout
  5. Ign-fellyboy
    Order-5 DC of stone
    -pick up
  6. working on your order now:)
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  7. your order is ready, sorry for any delay had a appointment i needed to attend
  8. paid
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  9. I would suggest adding more items:)
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  10. just finished a tree farm so wood items will soon be added:) thanks for the suggestion Fellyboy
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  11. New Wooden Items added!!
  12. In game name: Runningrhino
    Order: Two dc of chests and Two dc of trapped chests
    Deliver or Pick-up: Pick-up
    SMP and Res: Smp2 4000 but im picking up
    Cost: 12,528
  13. order received
  14. In game name: xHaro_Der
    Order: 2 DC Chests 2 DC Trapped Chests
    Deliver or Pick-up: Pickup
    SMP and Res: Pickup
    Cost: 12,528
  15. In game name: salesman200
    Order: 2DC Stone Brick, 1SC Trapped Chest, 1SC Chest
    Deliver or Pick-up: Delivery
    SMP and Res: /visit 413, place in PSC Dropoff chest
    Cost: 6372r (already paid)
  16. In game name: natesam34
    Order: 10 DCs of Stone
    Deliver or Pick-up: Delivery
    SMP and Res: SMP3, 6701
    Cost:16400 (Vault charge included)
  17. I'm no longer selling chests or trapped chests. I will finish these orders first