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  1. So I thought of opening a supply company, but one that consistent and can deliver good service, so the best way to do that is to have 3-5 people to share this business with, my idea was not to split the profit but when we get a lot of orders one of us is dedicated to the order so we don't have to stop taking orders, this would make them quick and easy. just PM me if your interested and we can see if this would work.
  2. So basically your looking for partners. One person per order and the person who collects the order gets paid ? and no one else does ? What if about the rotation if one person got an order of white wool and the next order in was for Iron Ingots wouldn't the person finding all the iron make more of his sale ?
  3. Yeah, but that's a much harder order, as the demand on item is high at the moment for the right price there would be a lot of orders so one person can work on one order at a time and get it done quicker rather then working on 3 at a time :p
  4. i can help u with the smaller orders
  5. That would be great, but are you saying you can help occasionally or are you willing to run the business with me? If its going to be successful I need 100% commitment :p
  6. the thing is that i dont have the time to help run the business, i could only help occasionally.
  7. OK, that's still great, still need more people yet though
  8. What server is this business based on?
  9. I don't think it will matter considering most orders will be via the forums :)
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  10. Fair enough...