[Business] Need iron? I'll take care of that!

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  1. Hello everyone guys, this is Iceraider14! Im going to sell a majority of my iron at a relatively cheap price, I have tons of iron blocks in stock and im looking to sell them at a cheap price Only 11 rupees for 2 iron ingots or 49 a block! Thats 5.5 each ingot and 5.44 for every ingot in a block ! Please post your order in this fashion:

    Order Name: "Ex Iron or Iron Blocks"
    How much?

    Prices: 49r a block, and 5.5r for 2 ingot!

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  2. Mistake:
    5.5 r for 2 ingot, you said 11r for 2 ingots, besides that, this is actually pretty cheap, when I get enough rupees, I might pay you handsomely ;)
  3. Name: MrWhosMagic (SMP7 xD)
    Ammount: 10 iron blocks thanks! xD
  4. Sure thing ;)
  5. Alright, pay and I shall put a setup chest for u at 14905