[Business] Need iron? I got you!

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  1. Heyy guys, Bunkerllama! Im going mining for my shop bc i need iron also, and ill take exactly 10 orders of Iron or Iron Blocks! After the 10 i will no longer take anymore until next time! Please post your order in this fashion:

    Order Name: "Ex Iron or Iron Blocks"
    How much?

    Prices: 60r a block, and 7r and ingot!

    Thanks! It might take me a while but still!
  2. Hurry and get your orders before they are gone!
  3. Name: lameidl

    Order Name: 10 Iron Blocks
  4. thatll be 10k, ill message you when its done!
  5. oops, messed up..600r
  6. *whipes sweat off head*
  7. I read the 10.. and nvm dont ask how i did tht :p
  8. Do not worry I make mistakes like that to!
  9. And when i need iron, i see this :D
    Name: jtc0999
    order: 64 blocks
  10. Itll be 3850r ill message you when its complete :)
  11. 3840r*
  12. Name: MrWhosMagic
    Order: 10 iron blocks thanks.
  13. Name: Matthew12hydro
    Order: 64 blocks
  14. lol 7 rupees an ingot? on smp1 they are 3-4 an ingot
  15. No way I'm also from smp1 and they're normally 7-9 r per ignot.
  16. my ingots are atm 6 because not stocked well but normaly i sell 2 ingots for 9
  17. I'm with dirkjan, they sell for like 4-5 r each
  18. People who absolutely need iron will buy for 7r. Its crazy but its the way it is.
  19. I disagree. I see them for 7r an ingot on smp1.
  20. Order is completed!! Pay me and come pick it up at 2524!w