[Business] Monstrosity Mob Shop, SMP3 6018

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  1. Hello,
    We're selling certain monster drops, all sold in stacks, on 6018 SMP3. Currently the items being sold are limited in variety, but should be high in stock. More monster drops, such as shiny arrows, shiny flesh, zombie virus, etc. may be added in the future. (No they will not)
    The shop is directly ahead of the spawn point of 6018.

    Item & Price
    Gunpowder - 256 rupees per stack
    Arrows - 16 rupees per stack
    Bones - 16 rupees per stack

    The Monstrosity.
  2. One of the rare buildings with both dirt (cheapest block ingame) and diamond (one of the more expensive blocks ingame)
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  3. I will definitely be buying all your bones outta stock :D