[BUSINESS] Mega-Mall

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  1. Hello wonderful EMC players. I'm just letting everyone know that I am starting a mega-mall, not sure where at, but it will be a great build and time with people who help out.

    First, I need loyal and dedicated players to help by donating, giving bright ideas, innovative thinking, and giving time. Any donations help.

    If anyone would like to apply for volunteering, please answer the following questions in a PM to me (TheHoodMonster):

    How long have you been playing EMC?:

    How often do you play weekly?:

    Have you ever had business experience in a mega-mall?:

    If yes, please explain:

    Will you be dedicated and help even if it interferes with some, not all of your plans on EMC?:

    Just letting you guys know, you don't have to donate or help. Please just support me in helping build one of the best buildings on EMC.

    Note: Profits will be given to players who are dedicated to the building of the mall once completed. I'm a nice person, what do you expect?
  2. I WILL HELP!!!! pm me when i need to be on i cant be on until october 7 tho.
  3. bump we need lots of help please