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  1. Hello, I have just built my first building at my res for my medieval shopping centre. If you are in need of any ores or gems please visit 815 on smp1 and check it out. I have the cheapest prices around. If you have and suggestions or ideas I will gladly take them, thank you :))
  2. How much for diamond ore? I just got an ore buster so I am definitely buying if it makes economical sense.

    Also, I noticed no replies etc... on here. Did you try listing your shop on my site? You can definitely attract some new business. We just reached 2,000 searches yesterday.
  3. I will go check it out! :)
  4. What is your site
  5. Ok thanks, I will be sure to sign up
  6. Have fixed it. Thanks. As part of the security against attacks it removes unwanted symbols from usernames. It removed the _ in your username.
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  7. Not
    Not Letting me sign in, when I went to register, I put in the detail and pressed register, a white screen appeared with loads of numbers and code looking stuff, I then went to log in and my account wasent there and invailed, and so I went to register again and it says I already have?
  8. Your account exists so you couldn't register again, and is now verified, which I fixed earlier. I believe I fixed the login issue now as well. Everything has been put in the same location so if the symbols in usernames are found to be different in the future, it can be easily modified. Thanks so much for your patience and testing.