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  1. Hello Everyone Welcome to Liquidation World!!
    Where we try and buy in bulk and sell it to the public in small amounts and better pricing.
    Pick up Address: SMP 8 16046

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  2. How much do you buy emeralds for?

    "Mobile site is being generated"
  3. Ummm... You only sell like 8 things...
  4. i just started, and also i dont plan to always stock everthing in MC
  5. bump new items in stock!
  6. Bump!

    We understand that people can't get to our website so inventory is here:

    Diamond Chestplate

    5 in stock, 320R Each

    Diamond Helmet

    8 in stock, 200R Each

    Diamond Boots

    2 in stock, 160R Each

    Diamond Leggings

    6 in stock, 280R Each

    Diamond Shovel

    3 in stock, 40R Each

    Mossy Stone Brick

    Only 64, 64 for 640R

    Cracked Stone Brick

    Only 64, 64 for 640R


    2496 in stock
    2 for 10R


    1536 in stock
    2 for 3R

  7. Con't

    Silk touch I

    Coming Soon

    Looting III

    Coming Soon

    Infinity I

    Coming Soon

    Thorns III

    Coming Soon

    Diamond Pickaxe

    54 In Stock
    1 For 135R


    162 Stacks in Stock
    32 for 16R

    Dark Oak Log

    64 Stacks in Stock
    64 for 140R
    Sale Price 64 for 70R


    50 in Stock
    1 For 150R

    Potion of Swiftness 8 min.

    240 In Stock
    1 For 30R
    Sale Price 2 For 20R


    270 Stacks in Stock
    64 For 7R
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.