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Do you think you will use my service?

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  1. Ever wanted a little doorbell to your house when someone walks inside?
    Want music to link up when someone wins at your redstone lottery machine?
    Feel like making some overly complicated noteblock res but need help with the song part?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions or more questions that relate to my service being needed by you, this is the time to act!
    The Leh Noteblock Music company shall suite your needs!
    Required flag is build for noteblock arrangement (redstone flag optional)
    Requires your own noteblocks, redstone, and repeaters.

    The basis is that I will create lovely music with noteblocks for you with a rather low price. And without further to do.... the chart.

    < or = 64 noteblocks
    Confined area (Noteblocks can not be arranged) - 75r without redstone flag, 50r with
    Medium area (Noteblocks can be arranged some) - 60r without redstone flag, 40r with
    Large area (Noteblocks can be completely rearranged) - 45r without redstone flag, 30r with
    65 to 128 noteblocks
    Confined area - 150r without redstone flag, 100r with
    Medium area - 120r without redstone flag, 80r with
    Large area - 90r without redstone flag, 60r with
    129 to 192 noteblocks
    Confined area - 225r without redstone flag, 150r with
    Medium area - 180r without redstone flag, 120r with
    Large area - 135r without redstone flag, 90r with
    Any amount above (excluding full res)
    Confined area - 300r (+15 per stack) without redstone flag, 200r (+10 per stack) with
    Medium area - 240r (+15 per stack) without redstone flag, 160r (+10 per stack) with
    Large area - 180r (+15 per stack) without redstone flag, 120r (+10 per stack) with
    Full res
    Per layer - 900r without redstone flag, 600r with
    (After 5 layers - 1500r without redstone flag, 1000r with)

    Charity Construction: If I feel that someone who requests for work but does not have the rupees to spare or any able to be spared will be needed in the near future deserves it for whatever cause, I will gladly do work for free. Please note this is reserved for community projects, some major shops (dependent on reasoning for it being built (and "becuz i lik rupez" is not a valid answer).) and sometimes work requested for someone else (such as a song being implemented into your residence that you want because your significant other enjoys it and you want to surprise him/her).)

    Fixed some ambiguous points and then fixed a spelling error
    Edited text, added Charity Construction and remade this footnote section
    Edit on the "requires own noteblocks"
    Post made
  2. Hm.. I might be using you..
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  3. Might get some mortal combat up in here :p
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  4. I messed around with this once... It is a lot easier to pay someone to do it than to do it yourself by learning from the interwebs.
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  5. I'll probably hire you at some point, this sounds fun :D
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  6. Any examples by chance? :3
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  7. I'll talk to you next week about getting this I have been looking for someone to do this for a long time.
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  8. Looks cool! I'll keep you in mind. :D
  9. I've done this before, and it's pretty fun. I second Choongjae's question - do you have any examples?
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  10. What music do you do? And kind?
  11. I want elevator music...
  12. I'm going to be doing some single player music setups soon, maybe make a youtube channel for me or something... Or I could finally figure out how to get the world files and allow people to get them. (Shortly after post edit: I did do the work on LuckyGreenBird's slot machine on smp8 but it really wasn't much)

    If there's sheet music for it for instruments either similar enough or changeable as requested by the client, I cam work with it within Minecraft limitations of course. I do like fiddling around with custom songs and those I'll be more likely to do charitably if someone really wants a noteblock residence.

    This is possible although if you want it to work with an elevator, it would only really work with the direction it is going and would have to either be a short song or a slow elevator.

    Also, I'm deciding to put in a little blurb in the original post about doing the charitable kind of stuff.
  13. Awareness bump before I get off the forums finally :rolleyes:
    And I kinda maaaybe got severely sidetracked from the world for my noteblock song examples... "Oh, my normal program won't help when putting it into Minecraft. Oh, here's the Minecraft Noteblock Studio. Oh, I can't transfer my songs into midi format then into MNS.... I should make a new one. Hmm... maybe the forum can help give me an idea. -ends up playing a forum game-" Yep. Sidetracked.
  14. Come on people, don't be shy... Even if you won't purchase my services because the price is too high or I'm not giving enough of a reason as why you should pick to hire me instead of figuring it out yourselves, at least comment saying that.
  15. Looong overdue bump. Keep getting sidetracked on the noteblock world... Going to sit down tomorrow and get all my work out of the way including that.
  16. Still keep getting sidetracked on the singleplayer noteblock world. However, there are examples of my work on EMC now. A quick jingle is at luckygreenbird's residence for the slot machine, a small sampler song is used on my res now and a longer version of the same song is at Ultimamaxx's 3rd residence used as his hotel song. All of these are on smp8. I'm going to be working on more songs rather than working on the world tonight so let's see what I make. :cool:
  17. I'd like this, but the pricing is a bit confoozing.
  18. In most cases, go by the large area prices and if you were wondering why it's cheaper with redstone flag, that's because then there isn't the hassle of getting the repeaters placed and changed and such. I will be working on more songs as I stated in my last post and will fit something into each segment of pricing. If I can ever achieve the luck to purchase gold or diamond supporter (Unlikely but here's to hoping!) I will make a residence purely with a wide array of songs for people to come and listen to so they get an idea. Or if anyone wants to donate a res for that ;). So just tell me what song you want and show me sheet music for it or whatever or tell me how many noteblocks you want in the song, how many parts, type of song, et cetra, really any information that can help me make a song for you.