[Business] Leafy Stone Company

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  1. Hey everyone!!! I would like to introduce to you the Leafy Stone Company.

    The Leafy Stone Company specializes in everything stone, from bricks to cobblestone to fences.
    The aim of my business is simple. You the EMC community will place orders on anything stone and I will deliver it by the DC.
    Below are the prices for the Leafy Stone Company:


    1 DC of Stone Bricks = 3,200 k (plz tell me if the prices are too high)

    1 DC of Smooth Stone = 3,800 k

    1 DC of Cobblestone = 200 r

    1 DC of Cobble Fences = 250 r

    Smaller Units:

    1 stack of Stone Bricks = 54 r

    1 stack of Smooth Stone = 56 r

    1 stack of Cobblestone = 15 r

    1 stack of Cobble Fences = 25 r

    If you would like any of the requested services, please post below what you would like me to deliver and I will try to deliver it as fast as possible. Simply first come first server. I will finish as many orders as I can as fast as I can. As well, soon I will build a store with the above things inside it as well as picks, enchanted books etc. I hope I can help you! :D

  2. I would like as many dc of cobblestone you can get. I'll buy as many as possible. Let me know how much you would get.
  3. Okay, sounds good.
  4. You're first on my list. Bump
  5. I know this thread is old but I may take some cobble :)
  6. It seems he hasn't been on in a few days... And from his profile he seems busy.;)
  7. 1 DC of Cobblestone = 200 r
    3 DC please for 600r
    PM me when its ready
  8. Yes, you may take some cobble! :) You will have it delivered from a friend, InfectedMiner007. I will let you know when the cobble is ready. :)
  9. Bump
    I will do that.
  10. Just so everyone knows, I have many orders no all are form this thread. It will take me quite awhile to get all of your orders ready so please be patient! Most of the orders will be given from InfectedMiner007.
  11. I'm not sure why there is such a big discrepancy between small-unit prices and bulk prices, and I hope by "3,200 k" and "3,800 k", you mean "3,200 r / 3.2 k" and "3,800 r / 3.8 k", respectively.

    Anyway, I'll take 8 DC's of cobblestone for 1600r, if possible.
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  12. I can bring it down to 5 or 6 DC's, actually, if 8 is too much.