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  1. Level 29 & Lower: 350r
    Level 30: 400r
    Level 31 - 38: 550r
    Level 39: 650r

    Time: 10-15 Minutes (depending on how many items/orders I have to repair)

    Leave an [access] chest at your res with my name and I will personally come and pick it up for you. Then I will message you that your order is ready.

    ORDER FORM: (example)
    Item's need repairing: 2 Pickaxes, 1 set of leggings
    Res Number & SMP: 1234 SMP1

    Who will be supplying: I [player name] will supply

    If I supply materials ---> 85r per diamond & 4r per iron

    If I supply the "replacement tool, armour or weapon" ---> 200r per "replacement tool, armour or weapon"

    If you supply the material or "replacement tool, armour or weapon" ---> Free of charge

    I also repair enchanted tools and armor

    You can now leave an order at my res on SMP1 at 185. Just drop a book in the hopper with the same order form as above :)

    Note: Do NOT pay me before your order is done. It is hard to keep track if you have payed or not.
  2. So you would supply diamonds and all?
  3. You must supply the replacement item to get fixed.
  4. If you can't possible supply the item replacement then i can supply it for you just might have to pay a little more (idk haven't decided)
  5. Is it 750 per type of item repaired (i.e 2 picks for 750r) or 750 per item (2 picks for 1500r)?
  6. 750 per item (2 picks for 1500r)
  7. then i would edit your example order form to make that clear
  8. lol ya i saw that last minute after you asked that, my apologies.
  9. I reccomend!!! Great service and you get the tool back extremely fast!
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  10. Thanks :)
  11. I love this service might have given kells like 7 god tools and they were repaired by the time I woke up! Great service!

    Also kells I think it should be 750r for those high level enchants, but what about repairs that only cost like 17 levels, thats less than the regular. Thanks :)
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  12. I give this service a 10/10! I gave Kells my god armor and before I knew it she had repaired it! Very fast and very cheap!
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  13. I might lower the price for tools or armour that might only have 1 or 2 enchants or not even any enchanted tool or armour. I just didnt know how many people would be interested in my business.. apparently a lot of people :p
  14. I like this sort of thing a lot. It's like a simple job going around and repairing people's stuff.
    I think that's really neat.

    Great way to earn money too. She repaired my 'Swag Cap' and it was all like brand new.

    I have no problem with this service at all, it's the best.
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  15. Name: Kells18
    Item's need repairing: 3 shovels
    Res Number & SMP: same as last tiem
    Price: 2250r

    I left the name there on purpose :p
  16. lol what?