[ BUSINESS ] Kadey Co. Enchanted Books Shop!

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  1. Hello Guys!

    I Am Opening Up A Business On SMP9 At 18234 (or /v +enchant)

    The Prices Will Be:

    -Looting III

    -Unbreaking III

    -Infinity I

    -Silk Touch I

    Efficiency V

    Protection IV

    Unbreaking III - OUT OF STOCK

    Infinity I - 25k
    Silk Touch I - 25k
    Efficiency V - 62k
    Looting III - 70k
    Protection IV - 62k

    More Coming Soon!!!
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  2. ALL of these books are in stock!
    18234 is the place to get them EXTREMELY cheap!
  3. Bump! now selling eff IV books for 1250r a piece will update picture and post a bit later
  4. Guys im now selling books by the DC just PM me or leave a comment here telling me what books you want and how many DC of them!!!
    the prices are
    Unbreaking III DC -70k
    Silk Touch I DC -27k
    Infinity I DC -27k

    These Are Going To Be Done Within Less Than A Day!!!! (97% of the time)
  5. Bump! Guys if you buy a DC of up breaking III books you are only paying 1296 r per book!!! That's EXTREMELY cheap!
  6. Kadey Perry with the goods :p
    (i bought 3 unb3 books)
  7. dc of eff4 please
  8. Pickup is at 18234 guys
    (Btw allengero your order is done to the left of where you spawn) :p
  9. Bump!
    Guys remember I sell these all in DC quantities!!!
  10. Bump! It's now eff5 instead of eff4 but it is still the same price!,!
  11. BUmp! now i sell protection IV books for only 1250r a piece! (62k for a double chest!)
  12. dc of prot iv thank you