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  1. Hello all! You may have remembered my supply company that I started a ways back, and that sort of ended up as a flunk. After some serious analysis after the situation, I came to the conclusion that I still want to be of use outside of being a shop owner, and this is what I came up with. I offer two services on this thread, each owned and ran by me.

    -Mining service:
    Pretty simple, I'll go down and mine minerals out for you! The best part of this process is the price and how I format it. I DO NOT charge extra for any "accidents" in the mines or for any "prices per unit" on the minerals I mine, I only charge you for a time block (1 hour). The price for this hour is 1500 rupees. I can mine on Saturdays and Sundays, time permitting (EST). I have one-day reservations available (meaning there will be one order that will be taken care of per weekend day). If you think the price is a little iffy, keep in mind that I use high-quality enchanted picks, and that I will always be honest with what materials I gained, right down to every piece of cobblestone. There are a few extra fees that can be implemented, at the customer's disposal:

    -Ores/Fortune Mining: If you want me to silk ores up that can drop extra minerals after the use of a fortune 3 pick, then I will add an extra 500 rupee fee to your official order.
    -Location: I regularly mine at Smp2 Wastelands, in an Extreme Hills biome (all mining will be done at this biome so Emeralds can be mined). However, I can mine on another server at your choice, for an additional 200 rupee charge.

    NOTE: Voiding Orders-Orders WILL be voided if the customer does not pick up their items or at 3794, Smp2, or does not have an access chest set up at a specified res by 14 days after the order is completed. I will clearly communicate to you when the mining is done and where it is being stored at through a PM, so I will disregard comments saying that I never told you about your order prep. The same situation applies to payment. If you do not pay me 7 days after I have sent you a confirmation PM, then I will void your order. All orders that are not delivered can be found at the house at my res (there is a teleporter to it at the lobby area).

    -Smelting/Crafting Service
    This is the second service available. I am capable of smelting and crafting items by the SC and DC, with a 2 DC order limit. After ordering, I will set up an access chest in the lobby room of 3794 that you can place the items you want crafted/smelted in. The cost per SC is 400 rupees. Just like the mining service, all orders do have the capability of being voided at the same conditions, and all orders can either be delivered or picked up at 3794.

    Order Form
    Which Service are you using?: [Insert Smelting, Crafting, or Mining]
    (Mining only) Any specifications?
    (Crafting/Smelting only) What Item do you need crafted or smelted? Quantity?
    Where will you want to access your finished result? [3794 on Smp2/Your residence]
    Total Price:

    Since I am also looking for some management help, I am holding an application for job seekers too:
    Employee Form
    What branch do you want to help with?:
    How would you prefer to be paid? [Payment per hour/Payment per job]
    What day of the week is your best day to do a specific job assigned to you (EMC-wise):
    Have you had any prior supply company experience?:
    Do you have any other EMC responsibilities?:

    NOTE: I am willing to be flexible with my employees, I wish this business to be a hobby for everyone involved, not a full-time job for EMC players. ;)
    Thanks for reading, and order from Jug'z Rough Workz when you get the chance! :)
  2. so could you give me an example of how much and what you mine in an hour roughly
  3. Yeppers, I will go out for a test run now.
  4. So do I just tell you I'd like the mining service? If so, Saturday'd be great :)
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  5. Ok, I shall mark the date. :)
  6. Crap, something came up and I can't do it Saturday, sorry. :/
  7. Sunday?
  8. Hey guys I've been off forever and probably still will be for the next week or so. I'm temp closing this service until 1.8 rolls around, and then I will seriously be able to work on orders when they come up.
  9. Okay, so this service won't be available until 1.8 is released on the server, is that right?
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  10. Yeah. I need to get on a regular stocking pattern for my shop before I can really do anything else.