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  1. Welcome to the
    Infinity Shop

    a subsidiary of the Infinity Outpost.

    The shop is located on smp5 - /v 10944. You can also get there by using the (easiest to remember) tag /v +infinity or with some of the normal tags such as +shop, +store, +book, +enchant, etc.

    What we offer:
    (at fair market price and lower)

    Gold and Iron are collected from our Outpost Farms. Emeralds are made on the res *Note - We are currently buying Diamonds for 90r each
    Enchanted Tools
    Enchanted Weapons
    Enchanted Armor
    *Note -God items are still being stocked due to how time consuming they are to craft- Please check back if something is out of stock.
    Enchanted Books
    Sea Temple Items

    (We also have an auction pickup area located on site for our Special Orders and Forum Customers.
    If you would like to make a special order (bulk Emeralds for example please pm InfinityOutpost)

    Thank you for taking the time to read our thread and we look forward to seeing you at our shop!
  2. Price List:

    Iron: 1 for 3r / 64 for 192r / 1728 for 5184r
    Gold: 1 for 10r / 64 for 640r / 1728 for 17280r (no longer stocking)
    Emerald: 1 for 25r / 64 for 1600r / 1728 for 43200r

    Misc Blocks

    Prismarine - 64 for 128r / 1728 for 3456r
    Sea Lanterns - 1 for 13r / 1728 for 22464r


    Unbreaking 3 - 285r

    Silk Touch I - 189r
    Fortune III - 299r
    Efficiency V - 510r

    Punch 2 - 199r
    Flame I - 135r
    Infinity I - 135r
    Power V - 560r

    Knockback II - 199r
    Looting III - 285r
    Fire Aspect II - 199r
    Sharpness V - 660r
    Smite V - 535r

    Protection IV - 599r
    Fire Protection IV - 410r
    Blast Protection IV - 410r
    Projectile Protection IV - 410r

    Thorns III - 310r

    Respiration III - 360r
    Aqua Affinity I - 199r

    Depth Strider III - 400r
    Feather Falling IV - 360r

    Enchanted Tools (all diamond)

    Unb 3 / Fort 3 / Eff V Pickaxe: 1 for 2400r
    Unb 3 / Silk 1 / Eff V Pickaxe: 1 for 2400r

    Unb 3 / Silk 1 / Eff V Shovel: 1 for 2200r
    Unb 3 / Eff V Shovel: 1 for 1800r

    Unb 3 / Silk 1 / Eff V Axe: 1 for 2400r
    Unb 3 / Eff V Axe: 1 for 2200r

    Luck of Sea 3 / Lure 3 / Unb 3 Fishing Rod: Coming soon

    Unb 3 / Silk 1 Shears: Coming soon

    Enchanted Weapons (diamond swords)

    Unb 3 / Sharp V / Fire aspect II / Loot 3 / KB 2 Sword - 1 for 2700r
    Sharp 5 / Unb 3 / Loot 3 Sword - 1 for 2400r

    Unb 3 / Power V / Flame I / Infinity / Punch II Bow - 1 for 2200r
    Unb 3 / Power V / Infinity Bow - Coming soon

    Enchanted Armor
    Coming Soon

    Chainmail Helmet - 1 for 140r
    Chainmail Body - 1 for 300r
    Chainmail Leggings - 1 for 225r
    Chainmail Boots - 1 for 150r

    Enraged Guardian - 1 for 65,000r
    Enraged Zombie - 1 for 75,000r
  3. Added a public free pumpkin/melon farm to the residence!

    As soon as you spawn into the res, turn around to access the public farm. Stand on the cooresponding pressure plate and the melons or pumpkins will flow into the public access chest.
  4. Bump!!!

    Selling Iron Ingots at 2r/ingot, emeralds at 20r/ea, and sea lanterns at 13r/ea, as well as dirt cheap books and tools!
  5. Restocked all books after a couple people bought us out.

    Come check out the store! Cheap prices, free public melon/pumpkin farm!
  6. Such books.
    So price.
  7. Bump! Added a price list on 2nd post!
  8. Can you hold 4DC of emeralds for me please?
  9. Bump! Restocked books!
  10. love your prices!
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  11. I'm glad you do!

    Btw... restocked the unbreakingIII and EffV you bought me out of :)
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  12. Bump

    Restocked Books and Tools

    Also: Lowered the price of gold from 12r to 10r an ingot. Also raised the price of emeralds to be more in line with the current market. Went from 20r to 25r and emerald.

    Also added Unb3/PowerV/Infinity/Punch2/Flame1 bows and SharpV/Unb3/Loot3 swords to shop and price list.
  13. Restocked bows, some books that were low, emeralds and iron!
  14. Been gone for a few days due to illness so a few things got low... in process of restocking them now!

    Refilled on books, iron, axes and pickaxes.

    Working on shovels, swords and bows right this moment!
  15. I tried buying several books, but the signs didn't work for me. Have you changed them recently or something?
  16. I changed ownership of the res, so it reset the signs. All fixed and ready to go now!
  17. Bump!

    Restocked Iron ingots, emereads, all books, pickaxes and shovels!
  18. Restocked all books, sea lanterns, pickaxes, shovels, and iron. Emeralds are first coem first serve... if we don't have anything check back later in the day and we will!!

    Also... I added un-enchanted Chainmail to the price listing, and we will be keeping that in stock now.

    Thanks all so far for your support and helping this grow!