[BUSINESS] Hydro's Custom Fireworks!

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  1. Hello all, as said, I am selling custom fireworks.

    Here's what's available:
    Party Rock Firework (new name decided later)
    Fiery Hot Rocket (new name decided later)
    Regular (White firework with nothing else)
    Rocking Rainbow
    Ireland (Irish colors)
    Poland (Polish colors)
    America (American colors)
    Any basic color (Firework with one color)
    Any firework you want, basically

    Here's what's in development:

    Fireworks I don't sell and might not sell:
    Anything with a creeper head

    I can only take 5 orders at a time:

    For New Republic members, I get your fireworks the fastest because we are based there.
    Any other people: I still get your fireworks fast, but not as fast as the NR members.
    I will NOT always be on working on orders, MC is not my life.