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  1. Hero's FireWork Shop

    Hello! I have made a shop on my residence dedicated to making fireworks! I have a book with a list of effects and their prices if you want to visit me on smp4, 8039. But, if you'd like to order a firework from here, I have the prices below.

    I can mail it to you for an extra 50r, or you can pick it up on smp4, 8039.

    NOTE: Their is a base price of 22r for the basic items that I use in making the firework rocket/star.

    Star Shape-60r
    Fade From Color To Color-10r
    Creeper Shape-90r NOTE: I am currently out of mob/player heads for the creeper effect, and I will gladly accept donations so I can continue this effect in my business.

    Flight Duration: NOTE: Flight Duration 1 is the default, so it costs nothing extra.

    Example: Let's say Aikar wants a firework, so he comes to me. He says that he wants flight duration 3, creeper shape, and a purple firework. When I add up the prices, that would cost 128r.

    Color: Purple
    Flight Duration: 3
    Effects: Creeper Shaped
    Mail or Pickup: Pickup
    I will gladly accept all donations of diamonds, gold nuggets, player/mob heads, and color dyes. These are the supplies need to make the effects.

    You can order on the forums in this format:

    Flight Duration:
    Effects: (to be separated by commas)
    Mail or Pickup: