[BUSINESS] Golden Apple Construction — Designing, Building, and More.

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    Hello EMC, and welcome to GeneralWilliker's and my new construction company — Golden Apple Construction! Hopefully you’ll be able to answer any questions with the info below, and feel free to ask questions via PM or in the comments.

    What Do You Do? We design, we build, and we source the materials for anything that needs building. Since we do all three of these thing in-house, we provide a way to build that is a painless as possible for you, the customer.

    Why Should I Hire You? Three reasons. First, GA Construction provides a much simpler, professional, and convenient way to build a building on EMC than what is currently available; providing everything you need to go from an idea to a finished build. Second, we have a large staff of talented and trustworthy designers and builders keen to help you make your idea into reality. Finally, we make sure to provide extremely professional and timely service.

    What Can You Do? Golden Apple Construction can design, source the materials for, and build any building or redstone contraption you want — in town OR in the wilderness. From a tree farm to a megamall to a shed in a forest, we do it all.

    Q: What is the process of getting a building built by you guys like?
    A: First; you PM me, Trapper777, for your free quote. I ask you a few question, give you a quote, and contact your new designer. Next your designer will design a building in creative with your input, and once designed we set up a build team while buying the supplies. You give the necessary permissions on your property and the design gets built.

    Q: I already have a design, can you build it for me?
    A: Yes! We can, as long as you have an actual creative world download for us to use.

    Q: I’ll build it myself, can you just design it for me?
    A: Of course! Just click here and we’ll give you a quote.

    Q: I have a design and I can build it, will you just supply the materials?
    A: Sorry! We can’t. It’s provided as a service to our building and design customers, and we don’t make money off of it.

    Q: Is there an extra fee for Wilderness builds?
    A: Yes, especially if we are in charge of supplies. It’s based on the distance from the nearest spawn location & whether you have a transport link (horse tunnels, rail, etc).

    Q: I already have all/some of the supplies or am willing to go get them myself, can I use those in my build?
    A: Yes, we provide our material sourcing as a service to our customers, it's not forced upon you.

    Q: Is there a fee for having you supply materials.
    A: There is a (very small) per-DC fee that covers any small overheads in transport. The fee is larger for wilderness builds, as discussed above.

    Q: So, What exactly do you mean by “provide the materials”?
    A: We can source all the materials for your build; through our own sources, 3rd party bulk providers, and regular and reverse auctions. As we build our capital we’ll keep more and more supplies on-hand to expedite this process.

    Q: What does the free quote cover?
    A: It covers the cost of designing* and building* the project. The cost of materials is not included as we don’t know until the design stage is finished. *if applicable, of course.

    Q: How accurate is the free quote ?
    A: Unless you change your order, the free quote is what you pay for design and build costs.

    Q: How much will it cost?

    A: It varies hugely between different builds, and to get a more accurate measure you should get your free quote, but here are a few examples:

    • A megamall (whole res, 5lvls, above ground) would cost 350k-650k, depending on complexity, for a complete design and build, not including materials.
    • A smallish house (20x20, 2lvls) would cost 45k-75k, depending on complexity, for a complete design and build, not including materials.
    • An undecorated auto potion brewer (this one , to be exact) would cost ~25k for a complete build, not including materials.
    Q: When do I pay?

    A: Although we are happy to work with you on a different payment plan, our default structure is that you pay in two separate blocks: Once after the design is complete, which covers design and materials, and once after the building is completely finished, which covers building costs. As we grow and increase our capital the amount you will pay up front for materials will be decreased and eventually be paid 50/50 on the first/second payment.

    All of these are (some of the) designs from our designers. I'll put up more pics as I get them...




    Still getting more pics, check back!
  2. If I have a design, could I pay you to build it in-game?
  3. Yes! Feel free to get a quote.
  4. Wasn't getting a lot of traction. I'll redo it soon with new pricing and stuff
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  5. I would love to see the designs when you post them tomorrow.

    Also how much would a 5 row bi-level stone generator cost to build ?
  6. I've put up some pics but I'll be updating it more in the future. I'll PM you about the stone gen.