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  1. FDNY21's Rare Item Trades V3 will be out sometime in the future!
  2. Would you want to buy a Holiday Pick?
  3. PM me and offer and we can get negotiating :cool:
  4. would you sell me a rudolph egg for a DC of potions?
  5. Rare items only please. Private message if you are making deals :)
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  6. FDNY21 is back with NEW YEAR version 2.2! Bump!
  7. Updated! Bumpo ;)
  8. So what do you have available? I got a 2013 firework.
  9. Not really selling anything right now, it flew out as soon as I put the thread up :p Currently only looking for items in the buying section really, ore busters, mob arena blades, items of similar rarity. I have 8 of the 2013 fireworks so I will pass on that one, thanks. :)
  10. Where did you guys get these fire works from?
  11. Forgot, I got an ore buster but one problem, I have it stored in a time locked capsule. Can't open until december some time.
  12. Same as where did I get my rupees from :p I get asked all the time how I made my millions. I simply buy the fireworks and other items with that money. But if I told you how I made it, would you not all be millionaires? ;)
    That is a slight problem :p
  13. I would like to be a millionaire but I was just wondering where you guys get these fireworks from? Did I miss an event or something?
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  14. I bought them all myself. No event :)
  15. From where? Other players?
  16. Other players would be correct. I look around for whom is selling them, but I think 8 is enough for now. PM me if you wish to carry on this discussion :)
  17. Nope. I think I got all my answers. I'm probably gonna head to bed thou.
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  18. A few minutes early, but we have now updated rare trades to version 2.3!
  19. You know where to send offers at
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  20. Poop now sold!
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Thread Status:
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