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  1. As some of you might have seen me in-game or on a thread talking about this business, I have finally posted a thread about everything in Epic Inc. I will start with the basics
    What It Owns:
    It Owns Shops, Malls, Head Farms, XP Farms, Animal Farms, Games, Buildings, And More!
    Specifically It Owns:
    EpicMinerMan321's Shop at Res 4261 Smp2 (Unfinished) (Low/Out of Stock)
    linkblade132's Head Shop at Res 10757 Smp5
    Epic Inc.'s Head Farm at Smp2 Frontier
    Epic Inc.'s Head Farm at Smp5 Frontier (In Repair)
    EpicMinerMan321's Sheep Farm at Res 4261 Smp2
    feezelfam21's Storage Facility at Res 5432 Utopia (Unfinished)
    feezelfam21's Capture The Flags Game at Res 5432 Utopia
    feezelfam21's Spleef Arena at Res 5432 Utopia (Unfinished)
    EpicMinerMan321's Chicken Farm at Res 4261 Smp2
    EpicMinerMan321's Mooshroom Farm at Res 4261 Smp2
    feezelfam21's Mall at Res 10649, 10755, 10756 Smp5 (Unfinished)

    AlexChance's Mall at Res 4005 Smp2
    MVPdrose's Mall at Res 11114 Smp5

    We will build anything for you for a cheap price(depending on the size and materials)
    We will remove all the dirt from your res for 45k
    we will remove 1layer of dirt from your res for 750 Rupees
    We will fill 1 layer of your res (price depends on material)
    Note: it is 4x the price for utopia res

    How To Join:
    To join PM me in-game or on the forums telling me that you want to join and if you want to transfer
    a shop/mall/farm/building to Epic Inc.
  2. what are prices for xp grinders?
  3. We don't sell xp farms, we build them and we use them for things, we own it, not sell it, but currently we don't have any yet
  4. It says you build ANYTHING, but ok...
  5. oh I thought you meant with the "What It Owns" part, but okay I will build an XP farm for you, start a conversation to talk more about it