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  1. Looking to start a business or a service but don't have the rupees to do so? Have an amazing idea but can't round up the funding or support? The Empire Brothers can offer you both, giving you the tools, funding, and help you need to become the best of the best in your category.

    -}Who we're looking for?{-

    Motivated players with innovative ideas for shops, businesses, or a service. If you have an original, innovative idea you deserve to have a chance at success even if you're not rolling in rupees.

    -}How we operate{-

    We review each request very carefully, determining the amount of funding and/or advertising you need in order to succeed. We will only take on 2-3 request at a time, putting the others on a waiting list, once the current request have reached a point where we think we can let them go off on their own, we remove our advertising and move onto the next.

    -}Request Form{-

    Business, Service, or Shop:
    On a scale of 1-10, rate your maturity level:
    Age (Days on EMC):
    Preferred Contact Method:
    Funding or Advertising:
    Amount of Funding (If none put X):
  2. If you plan on doing some investing in order to turn a profit, that is a tad illegal. (And you most likely won't get your money back)

    If this is some donation thing though, it sounds cool!
  3. Since when do we do things for profit? ;)
  4. People change, y'know :p
  5. OP Updated and HD version of commercial added.
  6. IGN: Roman719
    Business, Service, or Shop: Smp2 Museum And Promo Shop (Shop Opening When We Can Afford It)
    SMP: 2
    On a scale of 1-10, rate your maturity level: 8
    Age (Days on EMC): 1272 Days
    Preferred Contact Method: Over The Forums Or Skype Texting.
    Funding or Advertising: Both If Not, Funding.
    Amount of Funding (If none put X): We Will Need Allot Of Funding Because Of The Worth Of Our Products.
  7. I would put an actual amount.. I'm sure he knows you need funding because of you saying it, but I think that question was for the amount.
  8. IGN: Tahitan
    Business, Service, or Shop: SMP6 Special Mall (Build in Process)
    SMP: 6
    Maturity level: 9.5
    Age: 250 Days
    Contact Method: PM
    Funding or Advertising: Both if not, funding.
    Amount of Founding:
    We need supplies and rupees to invest into mature suppliers, Over 500k
  9. Probably Estimated Approx 450k I Know Its Allot But Its For The Greater Good :)