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  1. If you are not sure whether or not you'd like to apply, you can become an honorary member and test out the job in which you'd like to complete.

    Welcome to the official Dragados Incorporated thread. Here you will find a list of things we do, our main locations, and our website, which is packed full of information that will help 10 times better than this thread ever could.

    DDC (Dragados Dragon Council)-A team in which you collect dragon stones, and once the dragon tombs update occurs, hunt yourself some nice dragon hide. Notice: This group is not a paying job; it is just a group that hunts Dragon Stone Fragments for fun. I will be making a separate application for this team. However, if you donate fragments and stones to the Dragados Shop, that money will be added to payment bonuses for our employees.

    DDR (Dragados Redstone Team)-This team will build you all sorts of redstone contraptions.

    DAT/DBS (Dragados Adventurer Team/Dragados Bulk Supply)-These two services are very important to the community, and to Dragados. They stock Dragados's shop, and can even stock yours!*

    DBL (Dragados Bulk Laboratories)-We make potions! Lots and lots and lots and lots of potions! Enough said.

    Dragados Gaming - Closed

    You can apply for any of these jobs on our website.
    Prices are still being decided, so orders cannot be made at this time.
    Wages are still being decided, but you can help choose! While applying for a job, you are asked to give what you think would be a reasonable pay rate for you when you are hired.

    Link to website: Click Here

    Contact the Dragados Team: dragadosg@gmail.com

    I love having this website. I find it much better than posting everything on the forums. Anyway, go check it out! It is chock full of useful information.

    Our Locations:
    -Shop 1
    12037@shop, SMP6 -- Shop is not fully stocked or complete, but feel free to visit and purchase items.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Donations are greatly accepted and appreciated! If you donate items or rupees, your name and your donation will be listed below.

    Pay all monetary donations to Galantisizer. A donation chest for items will be set up soon. After donating items or rupees, please state that you did so in the comments.

    Donations go to:
    • Building farms
    • Building redstone contraptions
    • Funding the DDC
    • Paying our employees
    • Funding community parties
    • And lastly, a small portion of our earnings go to the G.R.I.P. foundation.
  3. Dragados Dragon Council

    MustangLover25, L1k34K1NG, 8808, LtCaptainMe

    Current Objective: Collect Dr.Stone Fragments, craft them into stones.
  4. I'd like to welcome MustangLover25 to the Dragados Employee Team. He is a member of the DDC and the DRT.

    Remember, if you'd like to apply, go back to the top of the page, and click the link.
  5. Can't wait to start hunting!
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  6. I volunteer to join the DDC. I love me some mob hunting. =P
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  7. Great now I can also show you how traps are made so we have complete expertise! :D
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  8. Welcome to the team! We will be holding an event for collecting fragments soon. :)
  9. I am editing the application right now.

    Note: If you want to join the DDC, do not submit an application, just ask to join in a comment.
  10. Woot! Can't wait for the event. :D Only problem is that EMC time is 12 hours behind my time, so... =P
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  11. Ha! I guess I'll have to try to work something out.
  12. Welcome LtCaptainMe to the DDC!