[Business] Domnian International Brewery

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  1. This is the first of many businesses that Domnian International will be running, with more coming soon.
    We do accept orders for potions. Small quantities as well as reasonable bulk orders are allowed. Orders for speciality brews are also welcome. Just one rule... Please do not bulk by directly from the shop, please place an order if you need more than 18 potions. If you need a supplier for a shop that you are building or just a few potions for an upcoming Mob Arena, feel free to stop by and check us out! :D

    Current Potions For Sale, All Potions are 5 Rupees Each:
    Strength II (1:30) - Currently 2.5 DCs in Stock
    Regeneration II (0:22) - Currently 2 DCs in Stock

    We are also accepting donations. If you want to help us get the next few brewing machines up and running, there is a donation chest directly behind where you spawn into the residence.
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  2. Bump - Mob Arena in 1 Hour:D
  3. I can toss you a DC of bottles if needed. I have 6 DCs just sitting there at my farm. I don't use them and if someone can, might as well. Just let me know :)
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  4. *Interested* How much do you want for the DC?
  5. An access chest :p Trucking it in from my outpost now.
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