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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today I give you DestructoDirto!

    What are we? We are a company that will basically dig out your residence for a low price.

    How expensive are we? We charge 635r per layer of dirt so that would be 40k , if we were taking out a Utopia residence that would be 1270r per layer or 80k. Please keep in mind before you criticise my prices that Super Admins charge 60k per 60x60 plot (smp res) and 120k for a 120x120 plot (utopia).

    Staff: I currently do not have any staff, I am looking for four very active and hard working players. It would be great pay 8000r per 60x60 plot you help destroy and 16000r per 120x120 plot you help destroy. In a 60x60 plot you would be allocated a 15x15 area in which you would be responsible for digging out. If you would like to be apart of my team here at DestructoDirto please comment your IGN, How many days you've been at this server, and how many hours a day you can play. (Please do not lie I will check your days.) P.s I will make a decision as soon as I see your post.

    How to place and order with DestructoDirto.
    Res #
    Smp # or utopia
    Preferably when you want this completed:
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  4. Bump, still need workers!
  5. I do not know if that is a great price to be honest. I know there is a lot of labor involved and it is cheaper than a senior staff service be 20k, but this is not instant.
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  6. How long does it take?
  7. How long would it take to dig just 3 layers?