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  1. Hey, post in comments for 1.8!!! WOO! Any way back to the point... I am offering to do banner customization! WOW! Ill do any banner ingame, for a simple fee of 1.2k! PRETTY SWEET!
    Post in comments what banner you want and Ill attempt it, thank you :p

    EDIT: I just made a Mojang Banner, if you want it, its cost is around 3k because of how many golden apples it uses.
  2. I want a banner that is very colorful and has a capitol AS (For AmusedStew)
  3. Ill try it
  4. 2015-05-06_01.22.32.png Closest I could get, 1.5k unless you wish for me to restart.
  5. A good buisness, made it super quick and came with a cheap fee :)
  6. Thats not even close to what I envisioned, please restart.
  7. ok, sorry just each banner can only have 1 letter
  8. Please make me one like my cape?
  9. Ill try it :p, payment when you receive.
  10. You could probably find the instructions on PMC :p
  11. Please don't implicate other websites in this [ no1 must know! ], if you want it, you get it, you don't you don't
  12. I had a perfect design for this but EMC current 1.8 update doesn't let me do the exact cape.

    2015-05-06_12.50.02.png All it would let me do sadly, 50% off if you still want it
  13. The banner was great :) It was better then anything that I could have made

  14. Just made that :D