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  1. salesman200 Avatar Design
    customize ALL the things.

    Welcome to salesman200's Avatar Design Forum Post thing.
    I make RPG-type-game styled avatars, quick and customizable.
    “But salesman”, you ask, “How much are they?”
    Well, that's a good question. On to the pricing section!

    Base Price – 500r
    Rainbow Hair – add 250r
    This includes 10 full avatars, the hair colour different in each.
    If combined with the Fancy Skin pack, you get 100 avatars!
    Fancy Skin – add 250r
    This includes 10 full avatars, the skin colour different in each.
    If combined with the Rainbow Hair pack, you get 100 avatars!
    Regal Clothing – add 50r
    Get out of that old villager garb and upgrade with this regal, fancy clothing.
    Hair Accessories – add 50r
    Want a hat, glasses, a hairclip, eyepatch or crown? You certainly do!
    Wings – add 50r
    Fly around with your wings that will most likely get you banned for flyhax!
    Unlisted – add ???r
    Want something special not listed here? Just PM me in-game or online for a quote!

    You want to see before you buy, right? Of course you do!
    Here are some examples. (note: adding more soon)

    Request Form
    Fill out this form to request an avatar!

    Username: (example: salesman200)
    Addons request: (example: Rainbow Hair, Hair Accessories)
    Avatar skin color: (example: White)
    Avatar gender: (example: Male)
    Style of Skin:
    (example: I would like a king wearing fancy clothing.
    Please put on a crown.)
    Special Requests: Can you put the avatars in a zip file instead of a rar file for me?

    Please post it either on this forum post or PMed to me.

    If there's a problem with your avatar, I'll either fix your
    problem or refund 200% of your money AND let you keep
    the avatar.
    Note: must provide valid problem & give reasonable timeframe to fix. Subject to Fair Use.