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Will you use this?

Sure 2 vote(s) 66.7%
I can decorate myself..... 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I was looking around and couldn't see anything similar to this, so here i am with my own decor business. The job i completed prior to this thread irked me to try decorating on a regular basis.

    I can decorate any room, any size, anywhere. I can make you pools, fountains and even statues and sculptures (nothing over complicated.) Any flooring you need laying, any windows you need placing and any gardens you want planted... I will cover it all for you!

    Now for the basic guideline for prices:

    Fountains: Basic 500r Complex 2000r

    Pools: 750r

    Statues: 5000-30000r Depending on size

    Room decorating: 600r for a 20x20 room

    Gardens: 520r for a 15x15 patch of land

    Flooring: 300r for a 20x20 room

    Fancy windows: 280 for the placement of 64 items

    Other decoration: Price depends on order

    All clients should have their own items ready for me to use, if not i can buy the items for you at a 10% interest rate.


    Reply criteria

    Worker: (hiring more)

    Please pm me if you would like to be a member of this business.
  3. So a few questions, do we supply you the materials?
    Also for the reply criteria what do we put after the "worker" line?
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  4. Do you have any pictures showing your skills?
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  5. Yes, you supply the materials... I can supply the items for the items price + 10%
    The worker line you say me for now, i'm hiring new workers soon.

    I built the fountain at 8153, although that is far from my best build, it was mostly improvisation.
  6. Fountain at 8153
  7. Thanks, you missed the shot from further away :p it looks better there.

    Edit: Fountains are not exactly my strongest point.
  8. So do you use the same design for everyone?
  9. Certainly not, i try to make the design as personal and close to my clients imagination as possible. I will also follow any theme to your residence: futuristic, jungle etc
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  10. Bump, just completed a few jobs... I NEED more :p